Victor’s eclectic life-experience gives him a unique perspective on the human condition.  Whether tracking wildlife through the backwoods of Maine; battling fires as a career firefighter in Meriden, Connecticut; or enjoying a relaxing sunset with his three dogs in his rural Connecticut home, Victor is at once attuned to and at peace with his surroundings.  His photography reflects his attention to detail, capturing both the form and spirit of his subjects.  In consulting with graphic-arts clients he is responsive to their wishes while maintaining the integrity of his vision and the clarity of the design.  Both aspects of his work, as photographer and graphic artist, invite his viewers’ curiosity and inspire them to want to know more.  Whether it is the inward gaze of a portrait subject, or the subtle line of a logo, we are compelled to look further.



Victor J Gonzalez


Retired Firefighter

Photographer/Graphic Artist

Favorite Camera:

Canon 5D Mark II

Favorite Subjects:

Nature, Kids, Theater,

Pets and Special Events

Favorite Vacation Spot:

Baxter State Park, Maine

Personal Motto:

“Every moment in life is a work of art waiting to be captured.”